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National Pasteurized Eggs (NPE), the company who brings you Wholesome Farms® Pasteurized Shell Eggs, is a leader and innovator in shell egg safety. Applying decades of precision scientific breakthroughs and proven, patented processes, NPE offers shell eggs that eliminate the risk of Salmonella—and offer top culinary performance. Pasteurized Shell eggs are classified as exempt from being Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHF-TCS) by the FDA Food Code, and are safe to use lightly cooked, or even raw.

Recommended by chefs and adopted by major foodservice chains nationwide, NPE’s eggs have received the American Culinary Federation’s Seal of Approval. NPE has received the honor of being named “Top 100” Supplier for Sysco in 2010, and also earned the NSF Food Safety Leadership Award in 2011 for its achievements in advancing food safety throughout the foodservice industry.

In its ongoing commitment to industry education, NPE provides professional presentations, online continuing education, food safety inservice training materials and handouts, HACCP-friendly quantity foodservice recipes, and much more to advance the science and practice of foodservice sanitation and safety throughout the U.S.

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Deborah Rayhab, MBA
Healthcare Marketing Manager
National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc.
Cell: 615-584-0732