Santiago® Refried Beans

"Kick the Can" refried beans to the curb and try our Santiago® Refried Vegetarian Beans.  Santiago® Refried beans offer easy prep, lighter cases, and less mess with our one pan prep.  Try a case today.

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Golden Grill® POS

"Don't Chill Your Grill" Golden Grill® Hashbrowns never need thawed because they are shelf stable.  Golden Grill® Hashbrowns offer less storage, more consistency, and great taste.  Try a case today.

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Potato Pearls® POS

Potato Pearls® are "anything but dry" potatoes.  Potato Pearls® are the number one name in dry potatoes and the variety of low sodium, reduced sodium, and varietal options that will make your operation more efficient and consistent.  Order a case of Potato Pearls® today.

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Classic Casserole® POS

Everyone likes comfort food; get your customers their comfort fix with Classic Casserole® Scalloped, Au Gratin, and O'Brien Potatoes.  Convenient preparation with separate sauce packets make Classic Casseroles® easy to prepare and serve.  Try a case today!

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Morningstar Farms

Keebler® Mini Sandies Shortbread Cookies 

Kellogg’s® snacks are the quick nutritious solution! Kellogg is offering you another exciting way to increase patient/resident satisfaction. Introducing Keebler® Mini Sandies® Shortbread Cookies. When patients need a “little something” between meals or during recovery, your snacks come to the rescue.

  • Convenient individual serving pouch
  • Rich tasting, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies
  • Ideal for acute care patients and long-term care residents
  • Tasty dessert or snack option for the menu or floor stock item

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Salty Set Merchandise

Saving space while displaying top-selling brands, Kellogg’s® Food Away From Home merchandisers provide portfolio solutions for snacking. Did you know that foodservice operators sell more than $8 billion annually of salty snacks alone (1)? And that your operation could be missing up to 20% of sales per day (2)? Our floor merchandiser provides a solid lineup for snacking and meal accompaniment success and includes:


  • Flavorful, crunchy, classic flavors in a can
  • Multi-billion dollar, iconic and global brand


  • 100% real cheese baked into this near billion dollar brand
  • #1 cheese snack cracker brand in America (3) with 15 years of growth (4)

Special K®

  • Multi-billion dollar, global weight management powerhouse
  • Ranked #7 in year 1 sales out of 665 New Food & Beverage products introduced in 2011 (5)


  • All natural crisps
  • Good source of fiber, no HFCS or Partially Hydrogenated Oils

(1) 2011 Westport Consulting Group
(2) Nielsen Total US XAOC (all outlets combined) latest 52 weeks ending 6/30/13 based on $ consumption as % of top 10 salty set items
(3) Nielsen FDMx 52 wks ending 12/31/11
(4) FDM+W, 1996-2012 (Nielsen beg. 2008)
(5) 2011 IRI New Product Pacesetters List

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Bowl Pack/I-Box

Great-tasting Kellogg’s® brands help make patients feel good. When you consider that cereal is one of the only branded foods patients see on their trays, offering Kellogg’s® cereals can help show how much your facility cares about patient food preferences.

  • Kellogg’s® individual cereals are real patient pleasers: Kellogg has 7 of the top 10 cereals
  • Include the Kellogg’s® brand name on patient menus and in-room communications
  • Serve Kellogg’s® products in their packaging so patients immediately recognize the brands they love*

*Exploring patient satisfaction with foodservice through focus group and meal rounds, JADA, Vol. 103, #10, October, 2003

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Morningstar Farms® Veggie Burger

Provide your patients with the Veggie choices they know and trust. Veggie foods are becoming a larger part of everyday meal choices because more consumers are focusing on nutritious diets and lifestyles. Kellogg enables you to offer a wide array of easy-to-prepare veggie foods that satisfy patients’ needs or desires to eat vegetarian options. Display the Morningstar Farms® brand name on your menu and offer a wide variety of the on-trend, versatile Veggie Foods patients recognize and prefer.

  • 83% of hospital patrons agree that meatless options should be available (1)
  • Morningstar Farms® is the #1 meat alternative brands in retail and foodservice (2)

(1) Product Evaluations Morningstar Farms® Product Test and Healthy Eating. A&U. December, 2006.

(2) Nielsen FDMx, 52 Weeks Ending 10/15/11

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Med Plus 2.0

• Nutrient dense: High calorie, high protein
• Convenient packaging: 1 quart shelf stable aseptic carton with resealable cap
• Versatile: appropriate for wide range of regular and modified diets

Med Plus 2.0 is the perfect solution for providing maximum nutrition to residents at high risk for malnutrition. Serve 2-3 ounces during a medication pass program or as an in between meal snack supplement.


Thickened Beverage

• Complete Hydration Solution for Dysphagia
• Variety of thickend Beverages to reduce taste fatigue
• New thickened water flavors - Pomegranate berry and now unflavored

Sysco Thickened Beverages are conveniently packaged in shelf stable cartons or individual cups providing residents with the proper consistency for a safe swallow.

SCA Tissue

SCA Tissue - Help keep your staff and patients healthy with hygenic Tork® dispensing systems.


Tork Performance -
Wiper Dispensers

• Easy maintenance
• Touch-free dispensing to
  reduce cross contamination
• Controlled consumption

Tork Hand Sanitizer
and Stand

• Touch-free, hygienic
  automatic dispensing system
  with industry leading battery
  life of 120,000 doses
• Hand sanitizers to kill bacteria
  on hands without the use of
  water (available in alcohol and
  alcohol-free formulas)
• Convenient stand to offer
  sanitizer where needed
  throughout your facility

Tork Elevation - Family of Washroom Dispensers

• Seamless dispensers are
  easy to keep clean
• Intuitive maintenance,
  refilling and use
• Covered towels and tissue
• Hands-free dispensing
• NEW! Premium tissue available

Tork Xpressnap -
Napkin Dispensers

• One-at-a-time napkin
  dispensing improves hygiene
• Reduce napkin usage by
  25% -- Guaranteed!
• "Built-in" customized messaging opportunities with AD-a-Glance® display panels
• 100% recycled, third-party
  certified napkins